100 Days. 100 Vulvas. One Artists journey to self-acceptance.

What began as a fun challenge, turned into a deeper journey for artist Dani Dodge as she embarked on creating vulva artwork for 100 days. This collection of diverse, vibrant art greets stigmas surrounding sexuality with beauty and thoughtful poetry. Blanketed in Dodge’s inviting narrative, this book hopes to inspire more love out there for “down there”.

This 48 Page Magazine-style book collects all 100 artworks from the project along with written thoughts from the artist.

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portrayed in an elegant light

“A really striking piece. It's such an intimate part of ourselves that rarely gets portrayed in an elegant light.” — TheColorAnth.

Check out my guest blog at Harness Magazine where I lay out what I learned during the project.

validating and emotional

“The power in this is stunning! Every woman has a story of when they were ‘Too this or too that’ and this is just validating and emotional.”

— K.H.