Studio Dodge is my business name, but you can call me Dani. I'm a visual artist and illustrator. I specialize in watercolor illustration, and comics. My subjects are primarily women, and my style is bright and humorous.  

I've been working as an artist since 2013, and currently work out of my home studio in West Seattle. She/Her pronouns.


Currently on Display at

Silver + Salt (Jewelry storefront and workshop at Pike Place), Seattle, WA

Salt House, Kirkland, WA

Driggs, Bills, & Day PLLC, Seattle, WA

Photo By Megan Hauk

Photo By Megan Hauk

You scrolled this far? You really want to know more about me? Alright alright, here are 5 fun facts and some self portraits!

1. I have smashed many of my fingers in car doors

2. Wood carving and embroidery are among my hobbies

3. Coffee and watercolor paint are my favorite liquids 

4. Citrus scents all day every day

5. The largest painting I've done is a mural inside a church nursery

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