Cactus Cat: Origins

Are you ready for my first ever comic book?

Meet Cactus Cat!


He loves the sun and playing with toys. Cactus Cat and his human April eventually realize that he isn't exactly like other cats. Follow Cactus Cat and April on a journey to find out where he came from and that its okay to be different.

“Cactus Cat: Origins” is the first story comic book I’ve made and I’m excited to release it in May. On May 12 Push/Pull comics in Ballard will be hosting me for a launch party! It seems only appropriate since I was a participating artist at Push/Pull for their 24-hour comic festival. I penciled in all 24 pages of this fine comic within a day. So wild.

Here’s a page from early in the comic


Another fun fact about this book is that it is kid friendly! This has led me to the hope that I can put some of these comics in “free little libraries” in the Seattle area. I would love your help to make that a reality.

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