Home Again

Life at University is over now. 

Two summer productions, and an art showing later, I'm finally moved back home. I've been here less than two days and I want desperately to move out again. I love my parents but I feel the need to be reliant while I'm here. Its addicting. I also don't enjoy my fathers love. My fathers love for me that comes across as him insulting my ideas and goasl in terms of being an artist, or an actor. Unfortunate really. 

The ArtWalk went well. It could have gone better but when I found out that I was showing my work across town, and on a wednesday evening, it went well in comparison. 

That was a portion of my set-up. 

In terms of learning experience? You can't get ready for a showing last-minute. This is not a class assignment. If its not "A" work it looks crappy in real-life. My labels were embarassing, haha. Then again there were factors that could have been helped in order to improve the presentation. Things for next time... Another rather important thing I learned, is how much easier its getting to launch an idea into life. With pressure to finish all the projects I thought up, there's no lull of activity in my life, so I'm charged with this need to start another project. I've got a few new ideas brewing. Like plans for coffee shop tables, and a possible partnership, but also a bird series, with historical figures. Fun to come. First things first, I need to get my room assembled from the move, and put together my desk. Right now I'm working on the interweb from the desk I made on top of my bed. AKA my lap. Its a laptop, so I suppose its entirely appropriate, just not beneficial for my neck. 

I have so many things I want to do and little means of doing them. I at least have a job that will eventually earn me money in order to make a start towards some goals. Can I be any more vague? Here's something less vague. I'm having chicken salad for dinner.