Artiste Spelled with a V. Vigee


Fast forward a little bit. Elizabeth Louise Vigee Le Brun. 


This is a name you may have heard before. She was a Rococco [late baroque] portrait painter, though she painted landscapes too.

She was the court painter for Marie Antoinette. Yeah there’s a reputation that goes along with that, but I did a series referencing her work so shes something worth mentioning. My collages may seem more satirical but referencing a woman painter is what I was doing.

She learned to paint from her dad. So did Artemisia[see previous post]. My dad did not teach me how to paint. That would be something to see.

Anyway, Elizabeth Louise was painting portraits professionally when she was a teenager. Lucky French lady.


She had to flee France during the Revolution[for fear of having her head cut off, same old same old], so maybe not so lucky. BUT she was accepted to an academy in France, and then she travelled to Italy and Russia where her work was selling like hotcakes, and she was accepted to academies in both countries! Yo. Lady painters fo life.


Facoid: She painted over 600 portraits. Shoot me now.