Artiste Spelled with a V. July


And FWOOSH forward again for the last time (not really I will write more about lady artists for some reason or another). Present day! Ta-Da!


Miranda July.

She’s legit ladies and gents. You may have seen her in an episode of Portlandia (two girls two shirts). Or maybe you’ve seen one of her films. Me and You and Everyone We Know(2005), or The Future(2011). She writes and directs herself in these things and is very ‘Lena Dunham before Lena Dunham’. But guess what, they’re friends (in real life) so that’s even cooler. Here are some pillowcases. Nifty.


I might have a big artsy crush on Miranda. I have a book of her short stories (No One Belongs Here More Than You)and love it, and she even does installation art like The Hallway (theres a video you can watch here) or these cool interactive sculptures that you can put your finger in, or hug strangers on, or plead guilty by. If I have piqued your interest you can go to her website and explore. 

 She is so fantastic I want to SHOUT IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS. She does so many kinds of art its all over the place, so I feel like my art can relate in that way. Between tables, and theatre, and painting, and writing. I can only hope that someday there are young lady artists that look up to me in the same way that I have to all of these fantastic women who you can read about in my previous short-sweet-blog-posts.