Artiste spelled with a V. Artemisia

It is time.

Time to celebrate.

CELEBRATE AWESOME. This is part one of a five blog series deticiated to women artists. The goal is to make them short and sweet, since I could talk all day about these fabulous ladies.

ONE AT A TIME.  I know. Patience is a virtue. I want to shout these ladies from rooftops always! Because we not only share the fact that we do-art, but we also have vaginas.

However I digress, Heres our first entry.

Now let us travel back in time to visit a woman in the Renaissance. Her name is Artemisia. Of course she must be a painter! HER NAME HAS “ART” IN IT. Her paintings were rejected from the academy [that’s where all the artists worth having the title of artist showed their work in some tiny corner of a wall 30 feet up in the air where no one can see it anyway]. One guess why? She was a woman. In the end she was accepted to the Academy of Design in Florence, but with female success comes the stereotype of...well being sexually promiscuous in an independant vulgar and unlady-like manner, funny how that works.

Why I like Artemisia is because she’s not afraid to portray some dark subject matter. My favorite of her paintings: Judith holding the head of Holophernes. Yep a woman cutting a guy’s head off. Lady power at its biblical finest. 

Factoid: Reglardess of the mean slut-name-calling she sucessful as a woman artist when she was alive. Get out of town!