A Little Life

More interior spaces are seeing some paint from my stash. 


Salt House church in Kirkland is pretty slick. 


Its a community for people exploring fresh ways to keep a healthy spirit. It's based in Lutheran theology but is open and inviting no matter what, its a nice place to be on Sunday evenings. 

I was asked to paint a mural in the unfinished basement this summer for a special service, and was asked to paint a tree of life in one of the bathrooms too (which I did this week). It was a ton of fun and all in an afternoon of playing on the wall. 

Taking care of your Mind-Body-Spirit can be overwhelming, and confusing. How do we do it? We can easily look up ways to be physically and mentally healthy, but spiritually? Thats a harder one. This isn't a "God talk" it's me being thankful that I can use one of my spiritual expressions (art and painting) in a space where others come to reset for the week and take care of their spirit. It's a little bit of life that ven diagrams with others. 


Art=Spiritual Healing YO.

Dodge out.