Meet Max!

Good news is we adopted a dog! 

We have had him for nearly 3 months now, because I'm very poor in blog timing. However, he is just as amazing no matter what time it is. 

His name is Maximum, Max for short. He is a Great Pyrenees and he is my beautiful floofy boi. 

He is 3 years old but acts like a very lazy and very well behaved 12 year old man. We lucked out with this amazing doggo, potty trained, basic commands (although when he's roaming at the off leash dog park he doesn't really have any recall haha), and always in the mood for scritches and cuddles.

He even looks like a dog watercolor I've done already. Its supposed to be a chubbers golden retriever with a waffles in his mouth.... but it just looks like Max.

FullSizeRender 12.jpg

I also actually did a Doodle of Max as a brand boi for our friends who write for Infinite Dogs (games and pop culture content blog).

In short, He is a very good boy and I love him very much. He is also great with kids so I take him to the art studio where I teach sometimes. He might even pose for reference photos....



Okay, I'll hit pause on doggy posts for a while. I have a few other blogs I need to put up here about recent projects so more on that soon. *excuse me while I write 6 blogs that I should have been posting throughout the last few months OOPS*