Hamilton Paint by Number Tips & Tricks


It seems that you’re not throwing away your shot…

That’s fantastic news! If you’re reading this blog you either

a)    purchased a Hamilton Paint by number kit from Studio Dodge Or b)   have a lot of time on your hands (its okay, the internet goes deep)


Pep talk:

Firstly, this kit was designed with the idea in mind that I don’t need to create as much fan art, when I can help others make their own! I just melt thinking about that.  The purpose of this kit is to HAVE FUN! Not everyone has to be a multi-million dollar artist, but everyone can enjoy painting. This can make for a great date night activity, enjoy some wine and listen to the dulcet tones of the Hamilton cast(or maybe that’s MY dream date).

I’ll be laying out some tips about going through your kit. Not everyone wants long drawn out descriptions of how to do a paint by number. If it were me, I’d have hit the ground running and not looked at the instruction sheet. So That’s why this is here. No need to print out 5 pages. Yuck I’m turning into one of those recipe blogs that has too much to say. Onward!

Lets break it up into sections

The Kit

-Your kit should have plenty of paint, every color should have paint left over except #6 (the light blue). Since it’s the background color its covers the most surface area. You will run low but I haven’t run out while doing test paintings yet.

-The paintbrush included is a detail brush, and I found that I could do the whole thing with this tiny brush. However, I also have lots of brushes at home. If you have other brushes feel free to use one that’s comfortable for you. I pulled out a larger brush to help get the background painted faster.

-Your instruction sheet just has a couple tricks or pointers on it, but I will be covering that here too. It also has a small reference photo. I have painted a section with the wrong color and needed to look at it as I forgot what number was actually under it.

-Time. There’s not an easy way to say how long it will take to complete your painting. Mine took more than 2-3 hours but I worked on it slowly as I needed breaks between other projects.

-When you purchase your kit I only then pour the paint to your paint cups so your paints should be able to last at least 2 weeks unopened, and once opened should be able to last another 2 weeks. I’m still using my paint cups sometimes and the paint is about 4 weeks old after being opened. For best results use your paints within 2 weeks or getting your kit.

-Acrylic paints dry slightly darker most times, so if there’s a slight change in color from your paint cups to your final painting, don’t be alarmed, that’s “a thing” that paints do.



-there is no particular order that I recommend painting in. You can start anywhere. Personally I like seeing the face appear first so I start with the skin tones. The only area that I would suggest doing things in a particular way is for the banner which I’ll explain below.

single layer

single layer

-I did a few test paintings and The paint is relatively thin. Not a bad thing so if you mess up you can quickly wipe wet paint away. However, one layer might not give your panel the highest quality look. Here is what one layer of paint looks like on his coat.

dark blue with two layers

dark blue with two layers


-Then I add a second layer once its dried (I typically work on other areas of the same color then come back to where I stated for layer two. The dark blue now has two layers painted. So you can see the difference between one and two side by side.

-In all honesty I think the one layer of paint could look very cool if executed as a style choice.  I just think it looks more polished with 2 layers of paint, but I'm also impatient ,so I don't blame ya if you only do one ;)


-On your panel, you’ll see the pattern labels each section with numbers (with the exception of the lettering in the banner). The lyric letters are meant to be #11, or gold. But lets be real. Art is art, and you can make them whatever color you want.

-While words don’t seem that hard I had the most difficulty with this section. I found I was the least upset about getting in to small spaces when I painted the banner in this order: layer 1 of #5(banner), layer one of #11(letters), layer 2 of #5, and layer 2 of #11.

dabbing that gold. lol

dabbing that gold. lol

-Technique for letters. I found that doing a dab technique to drop the paint into the bubble letters had a very satisfying look. Paint layer one however you like. But I recommend the dabbing for layer 2. Ha ha I said dabbing. Here’s what the paint looks like. This shows it both wet and dry. As it dries it flattens slightly so its not so built up, but in order to get the paint to pile up like that, you essentially drop the paint onto the panel rather than drag your paintbrush on a stroke, you’ll be going back to your paint cup for lots of paint.


That’s all I have for you!

If you have any questions I’m more than happy to add an FAQ sections to this post once we get some ideas rolling through. Thanks for taking this painting journey with me! Have fun, listen to the musical while you paint!

Email and questions or concerns to me dani@studiododge.com