#99Dogs Watercolor Puppers

So My journey began at painting these crazy watercolors. I admit I have fun making them in between other art projects. However only 15 have been created so far. Very many to go to hit 100. These are some of my favorites! Clearly I like playing with silly concepts instead of straight portraits. How I roll... 

Energy at Work

I haven't been posting much here, what one update in the last year? Haha.

This is not because I have let my art sit in my room untouched since moving up north. 

Maybe thats the case for one of my paintings though. 

There have been too many things going on! Many artistic and creative ones! 

I'm a health coach who is part of a team that promotes a healthy, active lifestyle that is accessible to everyone. This includes nutritional guidance, fitness tips, ideas, and workouts, and most importantly, the atmosphere and energy to grow your mind. 

Personal Development. If you haven't heard of it, become familiar. If you don't do it, try it. I've had the pleasure of reading some motivation, and action oriented books over the last year and they have helped me incredibly. 

However, this post isn't about how my mind has been stretched, challenged, and inspired. It's about ReignCity Nutrition. This group of coaches I mentioned, has been blessed with the opportunity of opening a physical space. While it is a center for nutrition, goal setting, and even workouts, its also a space where we want to build a family around the healthy active lifestyle. As a member of  that family, I bring all my gifts to the table, which---I think you know where this is leading---means I had a hand in the interior space.

After throwing some interior design ideas in to the pot and making some elevation drafts, this place finally became a reality. Right down to the portrait paintings.



A Collaboration

As someone who is not fully integrated into the word of technology I like to view myself as at least saavy in the essentials. 

As an painter I don't want to give technology the time of day, I'd rather turn on my music and get messy for 12 hours and forget what day of the week it is. 

As an artist promoting my work, social media has been a great aid (all 112 likes on my fb art page really says how brilliant I am)

As a collaborator a hidden tool I have discovered is the magic of Pinterest. 


I have worked on a couple commissions using pinterest boards to generate inspiration, figures, and fester ideas. What I didn't realize was opening a pinterest board up to a client could be that magical key. Having my client and I adding things to the board, so that I can see what they want out of their commissioned piece, opens the communication line between us using images rather than words. That way, when I do use my words, I can ask specific questions so I'm not beating around the "well I just want an original art piece by you" bush. 

This assists my client but also lines up with some lifestyle philosophies I live by. Money has never been something I've been swimming in, so I learned by trial and error how I was going to decide to spend it. If I'm going to buy something its going to be something I can't live without, or something that I will regret not buying when its sold out. 

Okay but how the heck does that have anything to do with your art?

Well, by having the client build a vested interest in the inspiration behind the painting it not only makes them feel like they were a part of this artistic process, it also stands as more than just a piece of art they bought. Its something that someone they know made, and it is something that hopefully means more to them through the subject matter of the piece and its also something they helped influence. This collaboration is something I enjoy not only in my art, but in theatre and other joint ventures. I'd be lying if I didn't say it helps my sales since I don't have the masses flocking to buy my truly solo original pieces......yet.

With that, I love using pinterest as a tool, and try my hardest not to let it suck me into its addictive visually simulating black hole of pretty things. 


All for now, but as a parting thought I'm reading this incredible book on how the mind works when it comes to creativity, its called "Imagine" by Jonah Lehrer and I highly recommend it.


Artiste Spelled with a V. July


And FWOOSH forward again for the last time (not really I will write more about lady artists for some reason or another). Present day! Ta-Da!


Miranda July.

She’s legit ladies and gents. You may have seen her in an episode of Portlandia (two girls two shirts). Or maybe you’ve seen one of her films. Me and You and Everyone We Know(2005), or The Future(2011). She writes and directs herself in these things and is very ‘Lena Dunham before Lena Dunham’. But guess what, they’re friends (in real life) so that’s even cooler. Here are some pillowcases. Nifty.


I might have a big artsy crush on Miranda. I have a book of her short stories (No One Belongs Here More Than You)and love it, and she even does installation art like The Hallway (theres a video you can watch here) or these cool interactive sculptures that you can put your finger in, or hug strangers on, or plead guilty by. If I have piqued your interest you can go to her website and explore. 

 She is so fantastic I want to SHOUT IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS. She does so many kinds of art its all over the place, so I feel like my art can relate in that way. Between tables, and theatre, and painting, and writing. I can only hope that someday there are young lady artists that look up to me in the same way that I have to all of these fantastic women who you can read about in my previous short-sweet-blog-posts.

Artiste Spelled with a V. Claude

Wham Blam "Thank You Ma'am"

We're in the 20th Century now. Picking one person is hard now since there is so much more documentation on female artists being super cool and all their jazz. This particular woman(again French) was born Lucy Renee Mathilde Scwob, but went by Claude Cahun. She wrote a book of monologues from the perspective of female fairy tale characters. She was also known for challenging the contemporary female image.

She frequently created photo montages and self portraits of herself in a very androginous way. She is considered a surrealist[think melting clocks]. She also regularly recorded her dreams! If any of you know me, this is right up my alley. Google shows you many of her photographs, but the fact that she was also a writer, and performer really speaks to me since I feel my body of work expands across many media. So no lie, this lady is cool.

Factoid: She was the founder of a group called Guerrilla Girls 63 and their mission was to actively oppose Nazi occupation via surrealist flyers, and other tactics to spread information to others. Political activist with her actions being works of art themselves. LEGIT.

For more exlporationon her sexuality you can check out this site