Artiste Spelled with a V. Claude

Wham Blam "Thank You Ma'am"

We're in the 20th Century now. Picking one person is hard now since there is so much more documentation on female artists being super cool and all their jazz. This particular woman(again French) was born Lucy Renee Mathilde Scwob, but went by Claude Cahun. She wrote a book of monologues from the perspective of female fairy tale characters. She was also known for challenging the contemporary female image.

She frequently created photo montages and self portraits of herself in a very androginous way. She is considered a surrealist[think melting clocks]. She also regularly recorded her dreams! If any of you know me, this is right up my alley. Google shows you many of her photographs, but the fact that she was also a writer, and performer really speaks to me since I feel my body of work expands across many media. So no lie, this lady is cool.

Factoid: She was the founder of a group called Guerrilla Girls 63 and their mission was to actively oppose Nazi occupation via surrealist flyers, and other tactics to spread information to others. Political activist with her actions being works of art themselves. LEGIT.

For more exlporationon her sexuality you can check out this site