A Collaboration

As someone who is not fully integrated into the word of technology I like to view myself as at least saavy in the essentials. 

As an painter I don't want to give technology the time of day, I'd rather turn on my music and get messy for 12 hours and forget what day of the week it is. 

As an artist promoting my work, social media has been a great aid (all 112 likes on my fb art page really says how brilliant I am)

As a collaborator a hidden tool I have discovered is the magic of Pinterest. 


I have worked on a couple commissions using pinterest boards to generate inspiration, figures, and fester ideas. What I didn't realize was opening a pinterest board up to a client could be that magical key. Having my client and I adding things to the board, so that I can see what they want out of their commissioned piece, opens the communication line between us using images rather than words. That way, when I do use my words, I can ask specific questions so I'm not beating around the "well I just want an original art piece by you" bush. 

This assists my client but also lines up with some lifestyle philosophies I live by. Money has never been something I've been swimming in, so I learned by trial and error how I was going to decide to spend it. If I'm going to buy something its going to be something I can't live without, or something that I will regret not buying when its sold out. 

Okay but how the heck does that have anything to do with your art?

Well, by having the client build a vested interest in the inspiration behind the painting it not only makes them feel like they were a part of this artistic process, it also stands as more than just a piece of art they bought. Its something that someone they know made, and it is something that hopefully means more to them through the subject matter of the piece and its also something they helped influence. This collaboration is something I enjoy not only in my art, but in theatre and other joint ventures. I'd be lying if I didn't say it helps my sales since I don't have the masses flocking to buy my truly solo original pieces......yet.

With that, I love using pinterest as a tool, and try my hardest not to let it suck me into its addictive visually simulating black hole of pretty things. 


All for now, but as a parting thought I'm reading this incredible book on how the mind works when it comes to creativity, its called "Imagine" by Jonah Lehrer and I highly recommend it.


From Telegraph to Face time.

There is nothing more frustrating and degrading than being on hold for 10 minutes or more for ANY reason. If your phones are ringing off the hook so long and often that anyone calling has to wait 16 minutes and 28 seconds to speak with a real person? You need to hire more people. I also doubt that your voice recording is actually sorry for no representatives being available at this time. Please rub salt in my secretarial wound.

This frustration inspired some research. On the idiot that invented the hold button. Now currently labeled as the bane of my existence. 

It looks like something from Doctor Who that will eat my soul.

The telephone was invented in the light of making things more convenient. From telegraphs sending one message or receiving one message at a time, the thought of sending multiple messages on the same line was an inspiration paired with an accident that led to the invention of the telephone. It was supposed to be a “harmonic telegraph” but you know that would be a silly name, wouldn’t it? Maybe not in the 1870s…

When these telephones were being distributed by the Bell Company, the switchboard operators were mostly teenage boys. Not that that matters but it’s a fact that opens up a transition for me to talk about switchboards. Smooth huh? But I’m sure you already knew that when we typically think of switch boards we think of women in the 1940s being operators.

These switchboards acted as a milti-line phone. So instead of calling from phone line to phone line, you get the Operator and they “transfer” you to the correct phone line. Then the magic of dialing was created. As a receptionist working a multi-line phone for a business, it’s like I’m a modern day switchboard operator. Luckily I get to sit down and push a few buttons instead of being like those teenage boys I mentioned and have to hop up on a ladder and plug and unplug cords all day long.

I think I’ve finally cooled off from my extremely long and frustrating telephone tag. It lasted about an hour. However telephones have been turned into works of art over the years of its existence. In fact the only reason I want a landline is so that I can use my light up princess phone in real life. That’s not to say that I don’t love our sattlelite, 3 and 4G or wifi connections, google voice or even video calls. Shout out facetime. I just seem to be a little more favorable to “old” things. Call me traditional…

Except actually call me that. I’m about as old-lady as you can get out of someone in their 20’s these days. Scary details to come. Not really. What is heard can never been unheard. Like when you talk on a telephone that records your calls! Yeah they can do that. But forget about speedial, let’s talk rotary.


I put this in here because nexus phones are also a thing of beauty. I say this as an iphone carrier.

So of course I will leave you with beautiful phones and a thought.

Your voice is electricity. Think about it.


Photo credits to:

Telecomhistory.org, Finevictorianshop.com, Oldphoneworks.com, and yeah Google. Suck it.