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"My Morning Coffee"

"New Approach" 2017, FYI it didn't work

"French Girls" 2017 Feat. Max

"Waiting" featuring lyrics by Glass Animals "Pre-Made Sandwiches" 2017

"Trying My Hand at Digital" 2017

"Take a Break" 2017


"Tis The Season Of Vision Boards" Feat. Jeff Bezos. Inspired by a facebook status from Monica Nevi, 2018

"Meet Business Blue Joe" 2018

"Max Wins A Grammy" 2017

"Max Wins A Grammy" 2017

"Please No, Don't, But Really. Never Do It" a comic about publishing, 2018

"Supply and Demand" 2017

"Busy Bath" 2017

"God Bless You" 2017 Feat Mikey's voice.

"Maximum Gifts" 2017

"Ursa Maximum" 2017

"Maximum Meme" 2017

"Bills" 2017

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