Dani’s style and subject matter can range from suggestive feminist themes, to detailed imaginative works. Watercolor selections are driven by delicate strokes. Digital works range from being abstract to highly detailed.

Available for commercial and editorial illustration.

Seattle Area: Available for small to medium outdoor and residential murals.



Be sure to check out some of my client work and other projects on my portfolio page. You'll see illustrations, watercolor artwork, and some feminist pieces. This is a great place to see my style before considering a commission.



Art prints, small items like stickers, and comic books are here! Collect artwork for your home or as a gift. You might see some of these items out and about in Seattle, but if you're not local, this is the place! Now shipping internationally.


Support comes from many places, but my patrons have my back when it comes to carving out time for my personal art projects. Follow for free or become Studio Dodge's newest patron. Monthly coloring sheets, and newly added monthly stickers!


You can hire me for a personal commission that we design together, or you can pay my artist fee to use my artwork to supplement your blog post, promotions, or own business.

Commissions are currently: OPEN



Check out more about this series and journey. The inspiration of the project, imagery, and what folks thought of the project!


Praise for Cactus Cat!

"Cactus Cat is a great reminder that we can find love and friendship in the strangest places. We often have to make small sacrifices or accommodations for these friendships but it's worth it in the end! Funny and heartwarming, for both cat and cactus lovers alike!"

- Fredrik H.